American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA)
American Herding Breeds Association (AHBA)
American Kennel Club
American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation (CHF)
American Kennel Club Companion Animal Recovery
American Veterinary Medical Association
Camelot Farms Canine Reproduction
Canadian Animal Blood Bank
Canadian Cat Association
Canadian Kennel Club
Canadian Veterinary Medical Association
Veterinary Medical DataBases
Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF)
Colorado State University
Dogwise Direct Book Service
Dr. Robert Van Hutchison DVM
– canine reproduction specialist in Ohio
Dr. Kit Kampschmidt DVM
–canine reproduction specialist in Texas 
Dr. Rebecca A. Kestle  DVM
– canine reproduction specialist in Georgia
Dr. Margaret Root Kustritz DVM, PhD DACT
– canine reproduction specialist
Dr. Kent Law DVM
–canine reproduction specialist in Kansas
Dr. Cheryl Lopate MS, DVM, DACT
–canine reproduction specialist in Oregon
Dr. Dana Bleifer
-canine reproduction specialist in California

Karen Newman
– professional dog handler extraordinaire (!) in Texas
Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
Onofrio Dog Shows Superintendent
Organization for the Working Samoyed
Parrish Dog Shows
PetEdge Pet Supplies
Polar Mist Samoyeds
Samoyed Club of America
Society for Theriogenology
St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog
Stillwater Veterinary Clinic - Dr. Donald Rice DVM
–canine reproduction specialist in Minnesota
Western College of Veterinary Medicine
White Pine Outfitters
Winnipeg Humane Society
Winnipeg K9 Education Center
Vanderbilt Samoyeds